Welcome to Ocean Impact
Windows and Doors Miami!

We distribute and install the highest quality impact windows and doors throughout South Florida. Our inventory includes a variety of hurricane-safe window and door options including:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Casement Fixed Windows
  • Outswing Commercial and Entrance Doors
  • Projected Windows
  • Horizontal Roller Windows
  • Single Hung

Ocean Impact windows and doors are constructed of multiple layers of safety glass with protective coatings to avoid shattering. They are blast-resistant and withstand winds up to 170 mph.

Our windows and doors are distributed by industry’s top leading window & door manufacturers. We suit all residential, condo and commercial needs.


Expert Installation and Service

Our installers have over a decade of experience in installing hurricane-resistant doors and windows. In addition to expert installation services, Ocean Impact provides stucco and plaster repair, as well as paint touch up, upon job completion.

Unsure about how strong your windows and doors are? Schedule an appointment with us for an honest assessment and cost estimates for replacement.


Impact Windows and Doors Benefits

New impact windows and doors Miami do more than protect against hurricane-force winds and extreme air pressure. They provide excellent sound dampening, insulation, and because they are nearly impossible to break, they burglar-proof your home!

Here are some other benefits of installing impact windows and doors:

  • They are thick enough to block 99% of UV light
  • They can considerably lower electric bills
  • They are an excellent sound barrier

Impact Windows and Doors Financing Options

All new structures in South Florida must have impact windows and doors. Although older structures were not required to have them, they will greatly improve their protection as well as value.

Impact windows and doors cost more than standard windows, however, not as much as you might think. We at Ocean Impact offer financing through Pace, for up to 100% of the cost! Call and ask us for more details, today!