It’s been more than 25 years since Hurricane Andrew blew through Florida and persuaded our local leaders to get serious about installing hurricane impact windows and doors on new structures. 

Last year, there were 15 named storms in the Atlantic last year, three more than in an average year. More storms and stronger ones are a real threat to our homes, particularly here in South Florida where most storms make the first landfall. So here are a few reasons why you should consider buying impact windows and doors:

1. They Provide Near-Total Protection From Storms

A storm doesn’t need hurricane-force winds to punch out a window or compromise a front door. Wind speeds are inconsistent inside storms; it’s not unusual for thunderstorms to have 50 mph gusts or higher. 

Think of how fast 50 mph feels! And with a storm, there’s nothing to force it to slow down. 

  • Plain glass windows are pretty delicate: a good swing with a baseball bat will shatter one into dangerous shards that fly inward. So can a bird and a baseball on its way down from a pop-up.
  • A standard front door can be easily kicked in by burglars, and we’ve all experienced window rattle during intense winds. 

Impact windows and doors are many times stronger than standard ones. For example, a regular, untested window might withstand wind speed up to 77 mph before shattering. A projectile, though, will go through it pretty easily. 

A hurricane window will stand up to 175 mph winds and has passed missile impact tests: if they don’t deflect debris, they won’t shatter, either. Instead, they will spiderweb to prevent glass shards from flying inside. Adding hurricane shutters to hurricane windows maximizes their strength in the face of a hurricane.

An impact-rated hurricane door is made from fiberglass and composite materials designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. They are kept securely in place with heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames to prevent shaking. Wind and rain are kept out with neoprene seals or silicone weatherstrips.

2. Material Keeps Outdoor Noise Outside

Do you live in one of those fun South Florida neighborhoods? Great! But even so, you probably want some peace and quiet at home once in a while.

Many of our customers were thrilled to discover that their new hurricane windows and doors keep the noise outside – even those who replace older ones. It’s not much of a stretch to say that like fences, impact windows and doors make good neighbors. 

3. Annoyed By High Electric Bills? Impact Windows and Doors are Energy Efficient.

In addition to soundproof qualities, hurricane windows and doors keep out the heat as well as debris, wind, and rain. 

This is because they are made with heavier materials than standard ones. Their thickness provides a degree of insulation other doors lack. Expect to see a drop in your energy bills, especially in the summer.

Impact windows can also block out 99% of UV rays, particularly useful in rooms with TVs or monitors.

4. Homes are More Secure

We already mentioned how it’s relatively easy to break a standard window and door. Skilled criminals smash a window in seconds, and a person doesn’t need Jason Sanders’ foot to knock down standard front doors.

Our doors and windows are constructed with burglar-proof materials. You’d have to smash a window several times in the same place to bust through it – something burglars avoid since that makes noise. Our windows also come with tough locks that can’t be jimmied.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about strengthening your home against hurricanes and make an appointment with us today!