Even when your impact doors and windows have done their job — protected your home or business from damaging hurricane winds — it’s likely that there is exterior damage near them, often in stucco and plaster.

If there is damage to the surrounding plaster and stucco, this may indicate that there are interior cracks that lead to a window or door. It can also cause rot or rust, which obviously diminishes the structure’s appearance as well as its strength.

Professional Stucco and
Plaster Repair

You might be tempted to do some of this work yourself, especially if you’re an enthusiastic DIYer. However, when there is damage around storm doors or windows, it’s wise to consider professional repair. Here are a few reasons why we offer these services:

  • We have the equipment to detect any compromises to wall structure that can come from moisture or the way the building has settled, and can recommend a course of action to fix this.
  • Our installation crew will fix cracks, use a sealant to keep water out, and hide any signs of repair so that your structure looks as it did before sustaining damage

Many Florida buildings use Portland cement-based stucco for their building finishes, and our repair crew has the skills to work with these materials. Stucco is actually applied to the concrete block, boosting moisture management.

Perhaps the biggest technical challenge is to achieve a firm bond between the concrete block and stucco for different texture finishes, even smooth sand finishes. We follow the guidelines for ASTM C 932 and use bonding agents that won’t emulsify.

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Our job isn’t over after we install your new impact windows, doors. We provide post-installation services that include paint touch-up for the exterior, and if necessary, interior. Our goal, after properly installing storm doors or windows, is to leave behind a beautiful, seamless door or window.

Touch-Up Services
Complete the Job

Touch-up services ensure the final product looks as the owner envisioned it. Our question has always been, why wouldn’t an installer provide them?

Before we begin with touch-up services, we will examine the area around the door and window and make any required final repairs. Then, we will paint around the area to match the existing color. We will use the appropriate type of primer, waterproof paint, the matching color, and the most efficient applicator or brush to finish the job. For touch-ups following installation, we will also do whatever prep work is necessary — sanding, cleaning, and drying the area.

How to Maintain Your
Impact Windows and Doors

In addition to providing touch-up painting, we’ll show you how you can maintain your impact doors and windows going forward.

It’s important to keep doors and windows clean, including their frames, cranks, hinges, and other hardware. We’ll tell you what cleaners are best to use on the materials.