Installing a storm door in your home can be a really good investment. They represent a great level of security and will look great. Besides, storm doors will bring much more light into your home and make dark parts of your home more appealing and nicer. 

However, before you decide to install new storm doors and replace your old ones, you should opt for one that fits your home perfectly. Knowing how to measure a storm door for replacement can save you a lot of time and money while giving you what you need. 

How to Measure for a Storm Door

There are a few steps to take when measuring your door before replacing them with a storm door version. It’s important that you pay attention to little details because it can make a big difference later on. Here are some of the things you should do: 

  • Check for any impediments

Before you start taking measurements for your new storm doors, you should inspect the doorway for possible obstructions and impediments that would potentially affect the installation of the new doors. How can you do that? You should think about the following: 

  • Inspect the position of your door handles, mailbox, and exterior lights because sometimes these can pose a great obstruction for installing new doors. These may prevent the doors from closing well or completely, which is why you should think about switching for smaller door handles or relocating your exterior lights and mailbox. 
  • If you have pillars in front of your home, you should think about how they can affect the installation of storm doors. Your concern should be the possibility of opening the doors without any impediments. This is also a good time to decide about how you want your doors to open – with the handle on the right or left. 
  • Measure the doors’ height

The second step in this process is measuring the height of your doors. You should do this in three places to ensure you got all the measurements right – from the top of the bottom threshold to the underside of the header. Place your tape measure at the top of the threshold and stretch it to the bottom side of the exterior trim. You should also do this on the left side, right side, and center of the door opening and write all the measurements you get. 

Once you’ve measured the doors, you should have three different measurements, but it’s usually the smallest of the three that you will be needing. Some of the standard measurements are between 80’’ and 81’’ for newer houses, while older homes with wider doors can have from 96’’ to 97’’. measuring your door

  • Measure the doors’ width

After measuring the height, you should also measure the width of the door. You should take the measurements from left to right, by measuring from the inside face of the brick mold to the inside face of the brick mold. Again, do this in three places – the top of the door opening, the middle of the door opening, and the bottom of the door opening. You will get three measurements, and you should use the smallest one.  

  • Make an estimate of final doors’ measurements

You have measured the height and the width of your doors and now it’s time to make an estimate of the measurements of the door. What does this mean? This means that you should write down the doors’ measurements in width x height format to be able to go and look for storm door sizes that fit the measures you’ve got. 

For example, if the smallest height size you got is 81 inches while your smallest width size was 37 inches, you will be looking for a 37’’ x 81’’ door and this is how you should write down the measurements you need. If you’re not completely sure you’ve got the measurements right, you can repeat the whole process again and make sure you did everything right. 

  • Choose the right storm door manufacturer 

Once you’ve measured your doors, you should know what you’re looking for. Now is the best time to explore manufacturers that sell and install high-quality storm doors. If you’re anywhere near Miami, you can opt for Ocean Impact to provide you with high-quality impact-resistant doors. 

Besides high-quality impact doors, we can also install impact-resistant windows, yours is just to choose the styles and sizes. Some of the services we can offer include: 

Our products include everything from standard storm door size items to items above the standard. Contact us today and we can make a free estimate of your home to determine what type and size of doors fit your home best.installing storm dors

  • Choose the right storm door 

Choosing the right storm doors for your home might be the toughest task you have to handle at this point. Measuring and finding a good manufacturer is not that hard, but when it comes to choosing the style you might find yourself confused by the variety of options your manufacturer can provide you with. 

It’s important that you always have in mind the practical side of the process. A storm door’s purpose is to protect your home with you inside and minimize the risk of serious damage in the case of hurricanes and storms. If none of the standard doors fit the measurements of your door, you might need to order custom-made doors to ensure the protection of your home. 

Since you’re investing in high-quality impact-resistant doors, you want to make sure they are also able to block extreme noise, UV rays, and are constructed from multiple layers to endure strong winds and storms. Your manufacturer should be able to provide you with all the necessary information, so ask everything you want to know. 

Measuring your door for a storm door installation should be an easy and quick task if you follow all the steps outlined here. However, if you want to make sure everything is done right and the door is installed properly, call Ocean Impact and we will connect you with one of our experts.