Exterior doors in South Florida must meet the same requirements as impact windows and are subjected to the same “missile tests” that measure their strength and resistance. These missile tests shoot projectiles of different sizes and weights while simulating the speed of objects propelled against solid objects during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Impact doors and windows that are less than 30 feet off the ground must meet the “large missile” test. The “large missle” test, is when two nine-pound 2×4 lumber “missiles” are shot from 50 feet at 34 mph, or 50 feet per second (fps). Doors (and windows) that don’t break, bend, or crack during these tests are approved for high-velocity hurricane zones like Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

They will also keep out water and stand up to the extremely low air pressure that feeds hurricane strength. And like impact windows, they bring added bonuses:

  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Insulation against heat
  • Protection from burglars

The Process of Installing Exterior Hurricane-Resistant Doors

Like impact windows, impact doors are much heavier than the standard entry or exterior door. Residential front doors are made from fiberglass and wood and reinforced with composite materials including polyurethane foam. Hurricane-resistant doors are held in place with heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames, hinges, gaskets, aluminum thresholds. Neoprene seals or silicone weatherstrips keep the rain out.

The windows fixed in them are just as strong, as it’s the same missile-tested glass we also use for glass doors such as sliding doors and French doors. Both are popular options for patio entrances.

Installing a door is a lot harder than installing a window, especially with the additional weight of an impact door. Just like windows, impact doors must be installed exactly to manufacturer standards to get the expected performance and protection. That is why you should consider hiring a professional to get the job done properly.

Sturdy Impact Door With Curb Appeal

In the early days, hurricane-resistant impact doors were plain at best, and downright unattractive at worst. A lot has changed since then, and we are pleased to offer impact doors that are beautifully designed. We distribute and install these types of impact doors:

  • Commercial Outswing Doors
    These open from the left to right outside of a building.
  • Commercial Outswing Door with Transom
    Have a fixed window-like addition above the doors where a business name, address and/or logo can be added.
  • French Doors
    Classic two-panel doors and is a popular option for doors that lead to patios. Like French windows, each door can be made of a large piece of glass or several smaller ones.
  • Outswing Entrance Door
    The most popular style for homes. These are usually used for residential homes, although small businesses might use them as well.
  • Sliding Glass Doors
    A popular option for entrance from the patio into the home.

Except for the outswing entrance door, these doors are all made from the strongest impact glass. Curious to find out more? Reach out to us today!


Edgar Ramos
Edgar Ramos
17:03 17 Mar 21
Family owned business that really takes pride in their work. Jared has helped me on two different projects so far and... has taken the time to cover all the details and make sure we were set for success. I've received a wonderful product that my customer was happy with and will be using them for more more
John Sementelli
John Sementelli
18:51 05 Mar 21
I had a great experience with Ocean Impact! Living right outside of Boston I was a little skeptical to work with an... out-of-state company, however Jared and Aleana were great to work with, and were very responsive. We ordered a double French door, and it was exactly what we were looking for! Great quality, much more energy efficient and secure compared to our traditional wood french door. Manufacturing and shipping was a little slower than we would like, however this was expected during the pandemic and they communicated this to us as well. Overall we were very happy with our purchase and the finished product looks amazing. I would highly recommend more
16:45 09 Feb 21
I dealt with Jared, he tried charging me half of the fees he claims he paid for an expediter (which he wanted to... inflate the costs of said fees he paid). He said he would send me pictures of the job and he never did. They also included lift fee in the contract that they never used, the company claimed that they never installed windows from the inside out and they did just that! Finally, he tried to charge me an additional fee for painting around the windows where the wall was damaged due to their work. The website clearly advertises that they provide post installation services INCLUDING PAINT TOUCH-UP and I receive an email from the company stating it was not written in my contract and therefore I must pay for it! Terrible customer service and they try to charge hidden fees and call their permits and fees by different names to RIP customers OFF!!Do NOT HIRE These people!read more
Kaitlin Kissel
Kaitlin Kissel
18:00 12 Jan 21
Very professional group, and arrived on time daily. Excellent work and I’m completely satisfied. Ramos is an excellent... project manager and ensured I was satisfied with all aspects of the instillation of new doors and windows. Would more
Jimmy Neira
Jimmy Neira
16:22 21 Dec 20
I’d like toTake this opportunity to tell everyone what a great job Jared and family did when replacing our impact... windows and doors in Sunny Isle Beach. In this COVID environment they went above and beyond to follow protocol, including storing the windows we ordered for an extended time in their warehouse until such time as we were ready and comfortable with having workers onsite to execute on the replacement. They were also patient and diligent when responding to all the special handling requirements introduced by the board of directors of Winston Towers, including pre and post installation reviews and inspections. They communicated effectively with all the stakeholders involved in the project, building engineer, office manager, township representative and ourselves to not deliver a high quality experience . Special thanks to Alina, their office manager, who was extremely helpful in supporting all wire transfer activity. Also shout out to Jared and the Pilch family for earning our trust and friendship. Wishing them continued success!,!, Best wishes, Jimmy Neiraread more
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez
19:05 08 Oct 20
Great family company that shows up on time! They get in and out having you back in a clean house after they’ve finished... . They do this by covering the furniture and setting up dust barriers. Price is very reasonable. HIGHLY recommend hiring this company!read more