Exterior doors in South Florida must meet the same requirements as impact windows and are subjected to the same “missile tests” that measure their strength and resistance. These missile tests shoot projectiles of different sizes and weights while simulating the speed of objects propelled against solid objects during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Impact doors and windows that are less than 30 feet off the ground must meet the “large missile” test. The “large missle” test, is when two nine-pound 2×4 lumber “missiles” are shot from 50 feet at 34 mph, or 50 feet per second (fps). Doors (and windows) that don’t break, bend, or crack during these tests are approved for high-velocity hurricane zones like Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

They will also keep out water and stand up to the extremely low air pressure that feeds hurricane strength. And like impact windows, they bring added bonuses:

  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Insulation against heat
  • Protection from burglars

The Process of Installing Exterior Hurricane-Resistant Doors

Like impact windows, impact doors are much heavier than the standard entry or exterior door. Residential front doors are made from fiberglass and wood and reinforced with composite materials including polyurethane foam. Hurricane-resistant doors are held in place with heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames, hinges, gaskets, aluminum thresholds. Neoprene seals or silicone weatherstrips keep the rain out.

The windows fixed in them are just as strong, as it’s the same missile-tested glass we also use for glass doors such as sliding doors and French doors. Both are popular options for patio entrances.

Installing a door is a lot harder than installing a window, especially with the additional weight of an impact door. Just like windows, impact doors must be installed exactly to manufacturer standards to get the expected performance and protection. That is why you should consider hiring a professional to get the job done properly.

Sturdy Impact Door With Curb Appeal

In the early days, hurricane-resistant impact doors were plain at best, and downright unattractive at worst. A lot has changed since then, and we are pleased to offer impact doors that are beautifully designed. We distribute and install these types of impact doors:

  • Commercial Outswing Doors
    These open from the left to right outside of a building.
  • Commercial Outswing Door with Transom
    Have a fixed window-like addition above the doors where a business name, address and/or logo can be added.
  • French Doors
    Classic two-panel doors and is a popular option for doors that lead to patios. Like French windows, each door can be made of a large piece of glass or several smaller ones.
  • Outswing Entrance Door
    The most popular style for homes. These are usually used for residential homes, although small businesses might use them as well.
  • Sliding Glass Doors
    A popular option for entrance from the patio into the home.

Except for the outswing entrance door, these doors are all made from the strongest impact glass. Curious to find out more? Reach out to us today!


Julie Good
Julie Good
21:40 12 Feb 20
They installed a new kitchen window that required enlarging the opening and installing the new window. They passed inspection the first time and the work was completed with great attention to detail. I would recommend them to anyone looking for new windows,read more
Michael P Cases
Michael P Cases
00:58 30 Jan 20
Being in the property management business one comes across many types of vendors and especially honest contractors...Jared and his Team are incredible to work with. From measuring to estimating, to choosing the specs to special projects.These guys are a 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️read more
Tatiana C
Tatiana C
20:26 04 Dec 19
One of rare examples of responsible and punctual contractors. My project has been done on time, as per estimate and the end result is more
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson
01:59 13 Nov 19
My wife and I are very satisfied with the efficiency, integrity, and professionalism of everyone at Ocean Impact Windows and Doors. They offered reasonable estimates, worked by permit, never had a problem with their work passing inspection, they cleaned up at the end of each work day and they made every effort to ensure that we were satisfied with our investment when they finished the project. This is truly a reputable company. We are repeat customers. We hired Ocean Impact Windows & Doors to install hurricane impact windows at our house in 2018 and hurricane impact doors in 2019. We highly recommend this outstanding more
Carey Lopez
Carey Lopez
15:13 12 Nov 19
Glad I found Ocean Impact. My job was completed professionally and on schedule. Miami needs more reliable contractors like Ocean more
Scott Tipple
Scott Tipple
19:49 02 Aug 19
Ocean Impact replaced all of the windows in my house - 12 total. They did a great job and I'm happy. They showed up on time (actually early) each day cleaned up after themselves each day, were very respectful to my house and my belongings. They worked hard to try to keep everything as clean as possible and did a great job with everything, they were a good crew. Angel did the finishing touches to the windows and is an artist, the way he finished the windows makes them look like they've always been in the house. I'm very happy I chose Ocean Impact more
jenny fenton
jenny fenton
22:57 30 Apr 19
I was very impressed with the Ocean Impacts team. They explained everything from start to finish so thoroughly. From the proposal stage to the installation and finishing up. Nothing was left out. Their showroom was helpful as well. Actually, what I like the best is that they are a family owned business and take pride in their more
Judy Finkelstein
Judy Finkelstein
18:23 30 Apr 19
Ocean Impact was recommended to me by my sister in law. They replaced 7 French doors and 2 windows in my house, and did an amazing job. What makes them stand out from other companies is that they own the job from start to finish, and don’t leave anything unfinished. Any paint, patching, cleanup, adjustments necessary, they make sure they leave you needing absolutely nothing else. No calling a handy man to finish up. All their employees were great. On time every day, neat, thorough and pro active. Never missed a beat. Would highly recommend them to more
Ramhofer Law, PLLC
Ramhofer Law, PLLC
16:15 27 Apr 19
We used Ocean Impact to replace all the windows and doors in our house this year. Although it was a large project, I was impressed with the price and estimated timeline to complete the job. Ocean impact stayed within the budget and got all the windows and doors in painlessly. The workers were pleasant, and the management kept me informed of everything throughout the process.Now our home is cooler, quieter, and protected from hurricanes!Thanks Ocean Impact!read more
Aleksandar Jovicic
Aleksandar Jovicic
14:35 25 Apr 19
When I was doing my house renovation in El Portal last year, I interviewed 3 other impact windows and impact door companies in Miami, and only Ocean Impact was able to provide me with truly satisfied customers and their feedback. Listen, this stuff is expensive, sure, but these guys worked within my budget and my renovation went off without a hitch. You always get what you pay for, and as far as I'm concerned, these guys were amazing from beginning to the end, and my windows and doors (Cat 5) are an amazing value and the house looks great. Truly a five-star experience with Jared and team. Thanks again more
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