Hurricane impact doors are required for all new buildings constructed in South Florida and highly recommended for older ones.

Ocean Impact Windows and Doors Miami has a full range of attractive impact resistant doors that meet South Florida’s high-velocity standards for homes and businesses.

Hurricane Impact Door Benefits

Hurricane resistant doors keep out everything a hurricane can easily bring inside unprotected structures: wind, rain, and debris that can cause serious damage and injury.

These hurricane proof doors are held in place by equally strong hardware, starting with heavy-duty aluminum frames. Silicone weatherstrips or neoprene seals keep out moisture and wind.

Customers are often pleasantly surprised to discover their new hurricane doors deliver excellent protection against heat, exterior noise, and intruders!

We offer door styles such as:

Bi-Fold Glass Doors

Perfect for large openings, these laminated and impact resistant glass doors can open in one direction or split to fold.

Glass French Doors

Perfect for balconies and patios! Single or double French doors feature laminated impact glass, double weather stripping, and are missile-tested.

Outswing Entry Door

South Florida regulations require all swing doors to open outward. We offer single and double styles.

Hurricane Sliding Glass Door

Perfect for patio entrances, these doors can be made with heat-strengthened, insulated laminated glass and work on three or four tracks.

Glass Garage Doors

Garage doors deliver huge curb appeal. The glass on our garage doors are missile-tested, heat-strengthened, and come in tints.

Commercial Outswing Door

Our sturdy, ADA-compliant single and double glass outswing doors are made for high-traffic areas. Glass is laminated and impact-rated.

Commercial Outswing Door with Transom Window

Transom windows are in frames directly above doors. Ours have the same hurricane and impact ratings required for ground-level windows.

Hurricane Protection 24/7

The doors to your home or office need to be protected against hurricanes regardless of what direction they face and how often they are used. Hurricanes don’t discriminate — they tear everything in their path.

We focus on providing attractive doors that deliver the strongest protection against hurricanes as required by South Florida building codes. Glass is tested against small and large missile impacts and withstands winds up to 175 mph. Doors are held in place by tough commercial-grade aluminum and sealed against driving wind and rain. They also deliver excellent sound dampening and are highly resistant to break-ins.

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