We provide professional installation of impact windows for homes and businesses, including multi-level buildings.

Installing impact windows might appear to be the same as any other window installation job. However, impact window installation presents challenges that require more than a typical skill set. Impact windows can’t simply be fitted into place — their load must be transferred to the building structure itself. Each window must be securely attached to the building.

Impact Window
Installation Process

Impact windows are thicker and much heavier than standard double-pane windows; they have heavy-duty aluminum frames to support them in hurricane-force winds. It’s a challenge to handle the additional weight of these windows.

Unlike other windows, it’s extremely important to be sure they are leveled after installation. They have a large number of screws to secure them in place, to make sure they hold up against hurricane winds. The screws used must be in code as well and are longer and thicker than standard fasteners. The closer the building is to the coast, the more screws will be used in the installation process.

Windows must have a tight fit with proper sealing around frames to keep the water out. Caulk and flash stripping are used to keep frames and windows as watertight as possible.

If you’re replacing old windows with impact windows, keep in mind that removing old windows can be tricky as well, and dry fitting steps should be performed. Any deviance from manufacturers’ installation requirements will void the product’s warranty and impact the windows’ effectiveness.

Strong, Durable, and Beautifully
Designed Impact Windows

All impact windows are manufactured to hold up against “missile tests” that measure their ability to withstand flying debris. Requirements are different for windows that are 30 feet above and below the ground; we make sure that all tests are done properly.

Just because our impact windows are strong doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful! We sell a variety of exquisitely designed windows you’ll be proud to have in your home and/or business premises. Here’s what we offer:

  • Casement Windows
    These are attached to frames with hinges that let them open to the left or right.
  • Horizontal Rollers
    Windows with tracks that move them from left to right, that can have a fixed center panel.
  • Window Wall
    Windows that extend from floor to ceiling in place of an actual wall.