You want the very best hurricane impact windows for your home! Our selection of fixed, single hung, and sliding hurricane proof windows present a clean look on your interior and exterior, with no visible installation anchors.

We can meet specific design and performance needs you have for storm windows. Contact us today!


High impact windows meet South Florida’s tough high-velocity requirements.

Now you can safeguard your home and family with impact-resistant windows that are as attractive as well as protective. We deliver and install impact glass windows that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with tinted, heat-strengthened glass that boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Thick, high-performance aluminum frames hold them in place, and they are sealed with silicone to keep out the rain.

Hurricane glass windows withstand winds up to 175 mph and are missile-tested for strength. Their strength, coupled with sturdy locks makes them highly resistant to break-ins as well.

We offer window styles such as:

Projected window

This window is often placed higher up on a wall and opens outward to let in the fresh ocean breeze.

Impact Casement Windows

These windows come in several sizes to allow unbroken views. A crank or handle opens them outward, horizontally or vertically.

Fixed Storm Windows

These windows are purely decorative to allow in natural light. Ours are energy-efficient solutions for garages, basements, and small rooms.

External Glass Wall

These walls are made entirely of glass, minus their heavy gauge aluminum alloy frames. Available as single panes or with grills.

Fixed Casement Windows

These windows look like casement windows but do not open. They are often used to complement window patterns and features.

Horizontal Roller Windows

Horizontal roller windows operate on tracks to slide open, are easy to maintain, and ideal to install above ground level.

Single Hung Windows

A Single Hung Window is a tall aluminum window with two separate frames where only the bottom window opens.

Hurricane Protection 24/7

Standard windows are highly vulnerable to hurricanes. Replacing old ones — even older storm windows — with today’s higher-quality hurricane-resistant windows is one of the best investments you can make on a South Florida home. In addition, many insurance companies provide premium discounts on hurricane-protected homes.

Modern designs and materials give impact windows a seamless look regardless of whether they are installed around wood or concrete blocks. In addition to shielding against hurricane winds and rain, impact glass windows also deliver high-performance energy efficiencies that provide excellent insulation against Florida’s legendary heat. Some even protect against UV rays. Customers are thrilled to see the savings on their air conditioning bills!

Contact us today to talk about replacing your old windows and ensure real hurricane protection.