Here’s some good news for South Florida homeowners and others in hurricane country who install break-proof windows: they’re excellent protection against would-be burglars!

Just make sure they’re properly locked and your hurricane-resistant windows will keep out thieves along with wind, rain, bugs, extreme heat — pretty much anything you’d prefer to remain outside your home!

Impact Windows Resist a Lot of Power

South Florida has very strict regulations for hurricane-proof windows and doors. We install the best impact windows against hurricanes and thefts you can find in this region.

Our impact windows are tougher and thicker than standard double-paned glass windows because they have to be able to withstand tremendous force. They are manufactured with layers of super sturdy laminated safety glass reinforced with plastic layers that hold the glass together to resist impacts. Windows are held in place by heavy duty aluminum frames that can’t be banged out of shape by a hammer or other object.

In fact, the materials used to construct our impact windows are tested with projectiles to ensure they hold out against debris that flies against them in hurricane-force winds, defined as up to 175 mph.

If these hurricane tested windows should break, they won’t shatter but will splinter to prevent flying glass from entering the home. So, even the most determined would-be intruder will have trouble trying to bust into homes that have our impact windows in place.

If you’re looking for burglar-proof glass, we suggest impact glass. Our highly burglar-resistant windows will protect your home from hurricane winds and flying debris. In fact, it would take several strikes in precisely the same spot to break laminated glass used for impact windows. That makes a lot of noise that burglars generally want to avoid.

Hurricane windows installation

Windows are a Preferred Method to Enter a Home for Burglars

A few years ago, a Dallas TV station sent letters to more than 80 convicted burglars to ask about how homeowners can protect themselves from theft.

Burglars look for easy ways to enter a home. Older window frames signal that a home is probably pretty easy to enter. Most of the inmates advised homeowners to put bars on their windows and doors to make them harder to enter.

Each of our break-proof windows has manufacturers’ stickers affixed to them attesting to their strength. As we’ve noted, the aluminum frames that come with them are highly resistant to projectiles and force. These are the kind of deterrents burglars said they avoid, along with keeping a radio or TV on all the time. Most burglars need to work quickly and if they can’t find a straightforward route inside a home, they move on to another target.

It’s really important to lock all your entryways. Burglars will try to kick in doors when windows and doors are securely locked. (Our impact doors are as tough as our windows!)

Reasons to Replace the Old Windows With Impact Glass

While older buildings are not required to get impact glass and doors, it’s an excellent idea to do this, particularly for windows.

  • As hurricanes become more extreme, there is a danger of more wind, rain, and debris impact.
  • Impact windows block out up to 99% of UV rays, which helps keep homes cooler.
  • Impact windows provide sound barriers. Wouldn’t you rather sleep through sirens?
  • Impact windows will raise the value of your older home.

Lastly, Florida law requires insurers to provide discounts to homeowners who install impact windows.

Read more in our FAQ, and contact us today to talk about strengthening your windows against all the elements out there!